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Ray And His Just4keepers Coaching Academy Is Trusted By OVER 10,000 Goalkeepers In 30 Plus Countries And Across 5 Continents.

Ray and Just4keepers specialise in helping goalkeeper coaches and soccer clubs develop their goalkeepers and help them gain college scholarships!

Ex Professional Goalkeeper

Ray is a ex professional goalkeeper of 10 years and within this time period he was taught by 5 of the best international goalkeepers to have played soccer.

Total Goalkeeping

Ray put the combined experience of these mentors into a unique training program that now spans the globe, helping goalkeepers, goalkeeper coaches and soccers clubs.

Over 50,000 Happy Keepers

J4K has coached over 50,000 goalkeepers over 2 decades and we are very proud to say we have helped hundreds of goalkeepers achieve their goalkeeping dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the FAQ below how Ray and Just4keepers can help goalkeepers, (parents of goalkeepers), goalkeeper coaches and soccer clubs with their goalkeepers development.

Also see the questions any parent or keeper should be asking their current goalkeeper coach or club.

Ray is an ex professional goalkeeper who played at the highest level in England. Over his 10 years as a professional goalkeeper, he was taught by 5 of the best International goalkeepers to have played soccer. He put the combination of everything he was taught by these legends and created and unique goalkeeper coaching experience that is now taught all over the world.
Ray is the only goalkeeper coach in history to have taken a goalkeeper concept around the world and he is now bringing his huge proven experience to Florida. There is normally a 2 year wait for Rays coaching services.
Just4keepers was starting in 1999 by Ray and at the time of writing J4K operates in 30 countries, 5 continents and over 10,000 goalkeepers attend J4K goalkeeper centres every week.
J4K has coached over 50,000 goalkeepers over the years and helped hundreds get to professional soccer clubs and or help gain college scholarships.
Rays training offers everything from goalkeeper training, development, game awareness and development! We mentioned development twice because 95% of goalkeeper coaches do NOT develop their goalkeepers, they only pass their goalkeeper certification, then just train their goalkeeper students from memorising goalkeeper session plans and this can be a MASSIVE problem for the goalkeeper.

It is very very important that your child gets ‘developed’ when they train but with Ray, you will 1000% get developed… but while having fun.

Ray also teaches the mental side of goalkeeping which is probably more important than the physical side of goalkeeper training. Again 95% of goalkeeper coaches do not teach the mental side of goalkeeping as they do not understand themselves as they have not played in an arena where they had to develop this mental toughness.

What is very unique about Ray and Just4keepers is your relationship does not finish when you walk off the soccer field like with most coaches. Ray prides himself in getting to know his students, parents, gk coaches and helping them with every aspect of goalkeeping and personal development. As well as helping his students with their goalkeeping, he also advises his students in life and many of his students have gone onto achieve success outside of soccer thanks to his guidance. Some students have gone on to act in Hollywood movies and another is now employed on Wall Street. A lot of these ex students will state ray had a huge impact on their success.

You are not just a number with Ray and Just4keepers!

As good as Ray and Just4keepers is, the answer is no because there are just to many factors like physical size and proportions, how hard a student is willing to work, plus many other things that can happen or go wrong like injury. However if you have talent, have the physical attributes for a keeper and the correct attitude, you are in no better hands than with Ray and Just4keepers.
J4k is now the biggest goalkeeper schools in the World and also the USA, so Ray has decided to move the head office to FL. Because goalkeeping is his life he plans to have his own goalkeeper academy in FL as is passion is helping others.

However sadly because of his time, he will have a very strict limit of goalkeepers who he can coach, so if you are serious we cannot recommend you put your name down below ASAP for your free session with Ray.
There are goalkeepers prepared to fly in out of state to be taught by Ray, so we expect places to fill up very quickly.

YES. Whether you have a gk coach or not, Ray will work with all coaches to help your club have the correct goalkeeper development program in place. Ray will also plug your goalkeeper coach into the biggest network of goalkeeper coaches in the world, so this will help your gk coach, to help your club to help your goalkeepers.

Also Ray has mentored goalkeeper coaches who are now teaching his techniques in professional soccer clubs all over the world. (Including premiership clubs)

Some of the advice we give below for parents and keepers might upset some coaches. This is because we are trying to educate parents/keepers to make sure they find the correct goalkeeper coach and that their child gets ‘developed properly’ rather than just attend another ‘memorised’ goalkeeper training session and if some coaches do not like the truth we will not apologise as we are here to serve goalkeeper coaches, keepers, parents and soccer clubs.
95% of gk coaches will probably not know how to answer this question as they do not know themselves. This can have a massive negative impact on your chances of you achieving your goalkeeping dreams because you HAVE TO BE getting developed and sadly most goalkeepers and parents think because a training session looks good or was fun, this is improving the student. But this a MASSIVE misconception.

So if you ask your coach which of his drills actually ‘develop’ you and you get a blank look back, we are not stating leave this goalkeeper coach but you do need to find a coach who does understand how to ‘develop’ you or your child

Ray and Just4keepers operate in 30 plus countries, and its only in the USA that some soccer clubs try to stop their goalkeepers attending Just4keepers. This is shocking because these soccer clubs are worrying about losing a tiny tiny fraction of club revenue to Just4keepers, rather than encouraging their keepers to get extra development. Or they think that J4K will undermine their club goalkeeper coach.

If a club does have a goalkeeper coach, even though 99.9% of the time Ray will have vastly more experience than club goalkeeper coaches, Ray will also help and guide any GK coach free of charge.

Just4keepers has NO interest in competing with soccer clubs as our speciality is just purely developing goalkeepers, so soccer clubs need to see J4k as an extension to the soccer club development of their goalkeepers.

Just4keepers can not only help goalkeeper coaches and goalkeepers at soccer clubs, but they can also help soccer clubs raise finances. Also Just4keepers can help club goalkeeper coaches and club goalkeepers with national and international opportunities through our vast amount of contacts.
QUICK MESSAGE FOR GOALKEEPING PARENTS: As a parent would you take your child to a dentist that has proven experience with a lot of happy customers who has gone right the way through their training… or a dentist that has little to know success to point to and has done a one or two short weekly courses on ‘how to become a dentist’.

The answer is obviously obvious but most parents do not do the same due diligence on their childs coach (which is CRAZY!!!) and after all, your childs development is still very very important.

Just4keepers HATE seeing goalkeepers get shorted changed by gk coaches but at the end of the day, it is down to parents to make sure they have the correct coach for their child.

So if you decide to goto Ray Newland and Just4keepers goalkeeper training session, or your soccer club utilise his experiences and contacts, you only have to google ‘Ray Newland and Just4keepers’ to see you are making the correct decision for your child.

However, if you decide not to goto Ray, this is not a problem, all we ask is you do the correct due diligence for the sake of your childs goalkeeper development!

You could have the best gk coach in the world but if they have not contacts to help you achieve your goalkeeping dream, what is the point going to them? You also need to see what success they have had for their past students. If they have had no success for their students or have no contacts, seriously you are best finding a lesser goalkeeper coach who does have contacts to help you achieve your dreams whether that is to get to college or become a professional keeper.
Just4keepers has been in operating for 20 years now, and our plan is to establish our HQ in FL and work hand in hand with soccer clubs and club goalkeeper coaches to enhance the opportunities for goalkeepers to achieve their dreams.

So if your a soccer club or a club goalkeeper coach, please contact Just4keepers anytime to see how we can help your club with their goalkeeping program.

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Over the past 17 years he has been helping goalkeepers all over the world achieve their goalkeeping dreams

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Also his goalkeeper training techniques are used all over the world from grass root to professional level and you have the opportunity to have a FREE session.



If you are serious about your goalkeeping, Ray is willing to allow ANY goalkeeper from the age of 9 to 18 to attend for free so you can experience what over 50,000 keepers have experienced

IMPORTANT – Rays coaching is for SERIOUS goalkeepers only and not a baby sitting service, so only get in contact if you are willing to work hard but in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

And you never know… You could be Rays next success story!